Renew Your Mind Ministries offers our clients a way to empower, inform and educate their target audience on Health and Wellness from a Naturopathic approach.  All based on God's principles.

We will share positive information as it relates to these categories, through our services;
Purpose and Character Development Coaching
Community Outreach
Motivational Speakers
Lifestyle Blogger
Self Published Authors

 By doing this, we will help transform the lives of others to become spiritually,
personally and professionally fit towards Optimal Health (physical) and Wellness (mindset). 

To take advantage of our services or learn more, please contact us.
We look forward to partnering with you soon.

 Speaking Engagements and Events

Breakfast Empowerment Call
with host and facilitator Coach Karen Scott 

Monday through Thursday at 8am EST.
Call in number: 218-339-0384
Pin number: 742421#

Stay connected with God and receive 10-15 minutes of inspiration to start your day.
You will be empowered through worship songs, devotion, testimony and prayer.

with your host Coach Karen Scott
Every Friday at 8pm EST.
Call in number: 646-668-2460

Speaker Topics
Coming soon!



Inspirational!  Having these coaching sessions keeps me consistent in my daily activities. I'm beginning to have a better understanding of my appetite for purpose and knowing how I can make an impact on my life and the lives of others. Just Do it!

Coach Karen is an excellent coach, each session is customized to each individual and is more beneficial to the person.  I am able to perform more consistently as I push towards my appetite for purpose on a higher level! Thanks Coach.

​Coach Karen Scott has been such an inspiration. I have learned to couple my passion with my purpose.
When you learn to position yourself for success, the challenges are not difficult  to overcome. Being able to release my inner athlete allows me to perform on a higher level. Thank you Karen! A.H.